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3 Imperatives of Software Quality That Drive Business Results

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The global pandemic has increased customer demand for digital products and innovation, and according to Gartner, this will only continue to accelerate. Software is a key enabler of the digital business but will only deliver the desired business outcomes if development teams modernize their quality practices to move to a continuous quality approach.

Watch this webinar in which Matt Klassen, a vice president at Parasoft, reveals the software quality and testing imperatives your team needs to master to deliver the digital business results your organization expects. Matt discusses practical tips for development teams to expand their definition of quality, embrace continuous quality practices, and integrate them into their CI/CD pipeline workflow.

This informative webinar explores:

  • A modern definition of quality that includes customer experience and business outcomes.
  • Integrating quality into the CI/CD workflow as a set of continuous practices.
  • When to shift left and when to shift right to maximize value and minimize risk.

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