Whitepaper: Achieving Java Application Security With Parasoft Jtest

Software security risks are growing daily, and the traditional approach to cybersecurity is no longer effective. Today, software teams must build security into the application – Parasoft Jtest is the way.

Get the facts on why Parasoft Jtest is the most effective development testing solution for improving Java application security and creating a secure software development lifecycle.

Parasoft Jtest Static Analysis and Security

Download the whitepaper to learn how to use Parasoft Jtest for comprehensive application security testing to develop, test and maintain secure applications through every phase of the SDLC.

Focus areas:
  • How software security has changed
  • Why the stakes are higher in software security
  • Industry initiatives formed to combat increasing risks
  • How Parasoft Jtest brings security into the development process
  • Improving Java application security with static analysis (SAST)

An Internet presence used to mean a web server and an email server. Today, it includes a range of cloud service technologies like SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. Cyberattacks like DDoS and SQL injections are increasing, and the attack surface has become a massive playing field, exacerbated by enterprises storing more data accessible from the cloud.

The traditional approach to cybersecurity designed to block access to targeted assets doesn’t work anymore. Developers must address the probability that data will be stolen.

Meanwhile, the challenge of securing company assets and complying with safety regulations and programming best practices continues to evolve. Simply entrusting security to the cloud service provider, or third-party app is shifting the same set of security problems to another team, which creates an even larger surface and more potentially vulnerable code.

Software teams must build security into the application.

  • The costs associated with releasing insecure software to the market far beyond developing and deploying patches.
  • Software developed with little or no security usually can’t be patched to a reasonably secure level.
  • In addition to reworking the code, there are costs associated with mitigating the vulnerabilities, liability for losses and potential legal action.

Traditional security measures focus on investigating security issues in order to detect and respond to cyber threats. These groups take security a step further and focus on understanding possible vulnerabilities in order to offer guidance for prevention and mitigation. They’ve identified and documented common programming errors that are the root causes to vulnerabilities hackers exploit.

At the core of the Parasoft Java security solution is Parasoft Jtest, a comprehensive testing solution for Java applications which provides static analysis (SAST) and unit testing automation, helping developers quickly remediate security defects by checking code against entire libraries of security standards.

Arming developers with ready-to-use secure coding standards and simple tools for fixing the most exploited security defects in Java reduces the risk of application security attacks.

The Parasoft Jtest static analysis engine is based on a variety of secure application development guidelines and compliance reports, such as those described in CWE-SANS, CERT, OWASP, GDPR, DISA-STIG, UL 2900, and PCI DSS.

The coding guidelines are available for desktop and server integration. Jtest checks code against hundreds of security related coding standards as developers work, which provides immediate guidance for creating safe code.

Jtest also integrates with continuous integration systems (CI/CD), enabling developers to run computationally intensive analysis to expose additional security-related defects. Results can be reported back to developers and managers through the IDE, email or web.

  • Jtest software development capabilities also include metrics, coverage analysis, (especially in a compliance/audit environment), catching 60% of software defects.
  • Unit testing is a proven, but often skipped, method of finding and fixing defects. Parasoft Jtest uniquely turns unit testing from a chore to a simple exercise with simple test case parameterization, simplified assertion creation, advanced function mocking/stubbing support through Jtest’s powerful Unit Test Assistant, and many other features.



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