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What challenges are you facing that impact software quality in your environment? Watch the ON-DEMAND virtual summit to reach business and technical goals for software quality. Hear  industry leaders share their journeys for solving enterprise software challenges with test automation to increase test coverage and deliver quality at speed. 

Learn how real teams are addressing software quality issues across industries such as financial, travel, and hospitality.

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Welcome to the Summit

Arthur Hicken, Evangelist, Parasoft

Welcome to the inaugural Automated Software Testing and Quality Summit! This virtual event starts with market insights about software quality and features highlights of the testing and quality journeys as experienced by multiple industry leaders, as they developed and implemented automated testing strategies in their organizations. We hope you will join us! 

About the Speaker: 

Arthur Hicken is the evangelist at Parasoft and has been involved in automating various practices for over 25 years. He has worked on various projects involving databases, the software development life cycle, legacy system integration, static code analysis, and cybersecurity, and holds 5 patents for software developmentRecognized as an expert in his field, Arthur is a regular speaker at conferences, participates in security communities, and manages his Code Curmudgeon blog. 

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Keynote: High Quality Drives Top-Down Executive and Bottom-Up Development Goals in Enterprises

Diego Lo Giudice, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Digital acceleration positions speed and velocity as top priorities on every businesss agenda. Quality is also top of mind for executives and shareholders. Take a sneak peek at the “Risk Factors” section of 10K SEC filings of highly respected brands across the US and you'll see quality specified as a key driver of business success. Additionally, in the recent report, Forrester Analytics Business Technographics Developer Survey, 2020, over 2,000 global developers surveyed consider quality as the top metric to monitor. COVID-19 has not changed that. In fact, it elevated the need for quality. What are some of the key practices for obtaining high quality in the modern fast world of continuous delivery? Come and listen to guest speaker Diego Lo Giudice, VP and Principal Analyst, as he shares Forrester's research findings in this keynote. 

About the Speaker:  

Diego Lo Giudice serves as Vice President and Principal Analyst for application development and delivery professionals at Forrester Research. He partners with Forrester's global application leaders and is a leading expert on SDLC processes and practices. His 28 years of industry experience allow him to execute technology management assessments, review technology management strategies, and make comparisons. 

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Accelerate Application Delivery With Service Virtualization

Herminio Vazquez, IOVIO Consultant, ING Mortgages

Financial services are dynamic. Delivering high-quality applications to the lines of business requires testing software early and often. The test environment usually involves a complex array of dependencies and integration of data and interfaces. 

ING Mortgages Netherlands needed to approach software testing with new methods. Speed, simplicity, and environment costs complemented the traditional risk-based and test coverage driving factors. With IOVIO, they implemented a solution that containerized services and made 60% of the complex mortgage ecosystem testable — in complete isolation with data dependencies and environments in full control.  

Using service virtualization, they increased control, reduced complexity, and managed costs for the testing environment, while enabling effective change management. Learn from IOVIO consultant, Herminio Vazquez, how ING achieved both business and technical goals with virtualization, including: 

  • Addressing the inability to test in the existing environment. 
  • Expanding capabilities to facilitate and accelerate testing.  
  • Establishing change control and dependency management.

About the Speaker:

Herminio Vazquez is an IOVIO consultant, working with the ING Mortgages Netherlands Tribe. On his professional path, he has run through the implementation of testing solutions for large ERP and CRM implementations around the globe. His experience in modeling complex test scenarios has seen the simulation of some of the largest events in scale and throughput across a wide range of industries. 

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Test the Untestable: Solving the Test Environment Dilemma

Ryan Papineau, Senior Software Engineer, Alaska Airlines

Complex enterprise applications require extensive testing to meet business goals for functionality, security, and reliability. When testing against systems that aren't readily available, you can leverage a "digital twin" that simulates the expected operation. 

Alaska Airlines updated their flight operations manager application. The highly integrated system handles flight planning of weight and balance information for over 300,000 flights per year. To ensure a stable test environment, they had to virtually replicate its intricate web of continuously evolving dependencies. They scaled up testing capabilities to address scope, breadth, and timing of data messages transmitted for flight management. 

Alaska Airlines uses virtualization to address challenges in testing a complex application under test. Learn how they: 

  • Minimize dependencies for interfaces across multiple systems. 
  • Manage message traffic for multiple delivery channels and representative databases. 
  • Simulate advanced events and test data for a robust testing environment. 
  • Reduce test time using test automation with real-time responsiveness. 

About the Speaker:

Ryan Papineau is a Senior Software Engineer who specializes in service virtualization and test data management to provide repeatable and consistent services to training and testing groups at Alaska Airlines. Ryan’s passion is derived from his never-ending desire to understand how systems work. This passion coupled with cross-team collaboration has allowed him to implement innovations that have supported testing of critical airline applications. 

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Deliver High Coverage and Quality for Microservices Applications

Vince Recupito, Senior Software Engineer, Fitch Solutions

Testing microservices can be a challenge when unexpected changes occur. Microservices merge well-known technologies with well-established testing tools and best practices. The unique problem they face is the large number of services that make up an application and the dependencies between the services. 

Fitch Solutions is a top financial intelligence firm focused on delivering new features that provide high quality insights to customers in a timely manner. They deal with over 200 microservices and established a goal of 90% unit code test coverage to ensure they meet quality targets.  

Join Vince Recupito, Senior Software Engineer, as he shares how Fitch Solutions achieves faster deliveries with exceptional quality through its new testing strategy, enabling them to: 

  • Quickly identify whether any changes to microservices introduced a regression issue. 
  • Achieve high-level unit code test coverage to drive development quality. 
  • Shorten the QA cycle to support more frequent software releases. 

About the Speaker:

Vince Recupito is a Senior Software Engineer at Fitch Solutions where he builds a variety of full stack applications. Vince is well-versed in microservices and distributed architecture and is passionate about the complete life cycle of software from inception to release. 

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Virtualize Web Services to Validate API and Data Interactions

Sandeep Meesarapu, Principal Software Architect, Sabre

Many travel and hospitality applications involve interactions with numerous backend services, partners, and vendors. When dozens of services need to be developed, deployed, and managed, a comprehensive testing strategy ensures that each of these API-based backend systems communicates correctly and promptly with others. The lack of availability of a service could result in significant productivity loss to the company. 

To reduce backend systems downtime, improve testing productivity, and ensure access for its travel partners, Sabre extended its API services-based Global Distribution System with service virtualization. After implementing an automated web services testing process, they recognized the need to simulate the backend environment, including test data, to improve productivity and accuracy. 

Learn how Sabre achieved true end-to-end test automation at lower cost, including: 

  • Enabling testability of live systems and simulated services. 
  • Creating repeatable API test scenarios with partner-specific test data sets. 
  • Meeting productivity, reliability, availability, and functional requirements goals. 

About the Speaker:

Sandeep Meesarapu has over 17 years of experience in Software Architecture, design, and development. He is currently working as a Principal Software Architect at Sabre, creating travel and hospitality solutions. With vast knowledge and expertise on APIs, microservices, and virtualization solutions, he has worked on and managed several enterprise software applications developing high impact technical solutions. 

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Define and Measure ROI for Test Automation Practice

Roosevelt Washington, IT Manager, Quality Assurance, Caesars Entertainment

A high-quality customer experience is the cornerstone for the hospitality industry. Successful companies like Caesars Entertainment focus on building loyalty and value with their guests through a unique combination of great service, excellent products, operational excellence, and technology leadership.  

To maintain their leadership in customer satisfaction, Caesars modernized and expanded their customer-focused loyalty program. They chose to integrate Salesforce as the foundation for the systems. To ensure successful implementation, they couldn't afford to gamble with quality. Test automation is critical to deliver a high-quality customer experience at the speed of Agile. 

Learn how Caesars successfully adopted test automation practices to deliver measurable value to the business, including: 

  • Best practices for creating a scalable end-to-end test automation strategy. 
  • Key technologies such as UI test automation, API testing, and service virtualization. 
  • Key metrics to quantify the value of test automation. 
  • How to communicate the ROI to key stakeholders within the organization. 

About the Speaker:

Roosevelt Washington, Jr. is a Senior IT Manager and has been in the information technology space for over three decades. Roosevelt specializes in application development and automation. He's currently working at Caesars Entertainment on their Quality Assurance program. Roosevelt plans every step to set direction and prioritiesapplying his knowledge, industry experience, and relentless energy to achieve motivational and realistic milestones.  

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Summit Wrap-Up

Mark Lambert, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Parasoft

After such a great set of customer-focused presentations, let’s recap the key messages shared and lessons learned during this virtual summit. Test automation enables enterprises of all sizes and industries to address a variety of testing challenges and achieve quality goals. Parasoft loves to partner with companies who want to establish a quality-driven continuous development and automated testing strategy. 

About the Speaker:

Mark Lambert has been with Parasoft since 2004, working with a broad cross-section of Global 2000 customers. As the prior VP of Products, his engagements extended from specific technology implementations to broader SDLC process improvement initiatives. In his latest role as VP of Strategic Initiatives, he will drive the corporate strategy and continue to ensure that Parasoft solutions deliver real value to the organizations adopting them. 

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