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Bring Back the Unit Testing Love: JUnit Made Easy

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Most developers will agree that although unit testing is extremely valuable in helping find and fix issues in code, it is also extremely time-intensive and tedious. As such, even with the known benefits, teams typically do the minimum or skip unit testing entirely due to the amount of time it takes to design and maintain useful unit tests.

That's why we created the Unit Test Assistant (UTA) for Java, a tool that helps developers create, assess, and enhance unit tests, significantly reducing the amount of time required to create and maintain effective tests. In this webinar, we discuss the value of unit testing and show you how to leverage UTA in your own environment.

You will learn how to:

  • Instantly create meaningful and optimized JUnit tests – for Spring WebMVC, Spring Boot and POJOs
  • Scale the adoption of unit testing practices across the entire code base
  • Leverage runtime analysis to go beyond coverage and understand potential instability within your test suite

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