Buyer's Guide: Static Code Analysis for Embedded Development

What are the best static code analysis tools for your embedded dev team?

Evaluating static analysis tools for embedded software development is a challenge. You want tools that your team will use, help the organization reach its goals, and offer long-term solutions to development challenges.

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Download our buyer's guide to move beyond simple proofs of concept, bakeoffs, and evaluations to find the right static analysis tools.

All static analysis tools tend to look the same from 50,000 feet. When planning to deploy static analysis for embedded software, it's important to choose a solution that fits the needs of your organization and can grow with future requirements.

This buyer's guide provides a framework to follow when choosing static analysis tools for embedded software development. You'll find questions to ask and considerations for the following: 

  • Assessment of your team and organization's needs
  • Common static analysis tool capabilities
  • Tool and vendor selection process
  • Evaluation of pilot project results

Before searching for a tool that meets an organization’s needs, your team needs to make a brutally honest assessment of where the organization stands today and where it hopes static analysis will take it.

Static analysis tools have matured in the last decade. This buyer's guide offers a list of expected capabilities that advanced modern static analysis solutions have, from configuration, customization, and integration through compliance-oriented reporting and analytics. It’s important to understand what value each capability provides, decide which ones apply, and their respective priority.

From compiling a list of needs and criteria to exploring vendors, there are points to consider and questions to ask. That includes laying out your vision and having a clear understanding of the potential vendor's vision.

When evaluating the results of each pilot project, the evaluation and final decision making should boil down to answering these three important questions:

  • Will the team really adopt it and use it?
  • Will it address the problems the organization and team are trying to solve?
  • Is this a long-term solution?

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