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Save Time & Money: Calculate the ROI of Test Automation

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To accelerate software deliveries to market—and keep defects and costs as low as possible—you need to invest in a test automation practice that combines people, processes, and technology. However, to make that investment, you likely have to provide substantial justification to your executive leadership. It may seem like it takes significant effort to communicate a compelling return on investment (ROI), but with some straightforward calculations, you can easily present your case.

In this webinar, learn how a hospitality industry leader, Caesars Entertainment, modernized their quality practice with test automation and effectively calculated their ROI to gain approval for the initiative.

Learn how to deliver measurable value to the business with test automation through:

  • Best practices for creating a scalable end-to-end test automation strategy.
  • Key metrics to quantify the value of test automation.
  • ROI calculations for key stakeholders within the organization.

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