This book provides a business perspective on how to accelerate the SDLC and release with confidence. It is written for senior development managers and business executives who need to achieve the optimal balance between speed and quality.

Today’s DevOps and “Continuous Everything” initiatives require the ability to assess the risks associated with a release candidate—instantly and continuously. Continuous Testing provides an automated, unobtrusive way to obtain immediate feedback on the business risks associated with a software release candidate. 

Read this 70-page book to learn how Continuous Testing can help your organization answer the question "Does the release candidate have an acceptable level of business risk?” You'll learn how to:

  • Collaboratively close the gap between business expectations and DevTest activities

  • Establish a safety net that helps you bring new features to market faster

  • Make better trade-off decisions to optimize the business value of a release candidate

  • Establish feedback loops that promote incremental and continuous process improvement

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"A must-read if you want to do continuous development. It's clear that in the accelerated delivery environment we now have a need to be doing continuous quality steps, like continuous testing, continuous release, continuous delivery. It all sounds easy need a great infrastructure, great tools, and some experience. "

"If we are going to mitigate risk in today’s environment, we need to reengineer the software development process in a way that considers business risk to be one of the metrics, along with the other traditional results of our automated testing and Continuous Integration systems...Here's how."


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