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Demystifying Microservice Testing

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One of the biggest advantages of developing microservices is the ability to develop, deploy, and upgrade services individually, without disrupting the entire ecosystem. At the same time, microservice architectures are introducing new testing challenges, such as understanding how to isolate each component for testing.

In this webinar, learn about the different architectures and protocols employed in microservice development (including Kafka, Rabbit MQ, REST, and Protocol Buffers). Actionable takeaways include:

  • Understanding the practical differences between some of the common microservice architectures.
  • How to effectively test in a synchronous ecosystem using REST, taking advantage of existing contracts to validate that changes you make will not break the system.
  • How to approach testing in an event-driven ecosystem, using Kafka event streams.
  • When and how service virtualization can help provide a stable test environment given the challenge of isolating components in microservice testing.

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