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How Industry Leaders Are Delivering Safe & Secure Software 

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What testing challenges are you facing  that affect software compliance  in your environment? 

Find out how  leaders in industries like automotive, aerospace, medical, industrial, and rail are addressing  software compliance  problems.  Hear  customers  share their stories about how they're solving modern embedded  software  challenges to improve application quality, safety, and security through automated testing with  Parasoft  solutions. 

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The Code Explosion & Its Impact on Safety in Embedded  

Arthur Hicken, Chief Evangelist, Parasoft

As chips have become smaller, faster, and cheaper, the amount of code has exploded. It went from a few hundred lines to large scale systems with dozens or hundreds of ECUs and millions—even tens of millions—of lines of code. Many of these embedded systems have potential impact on our safety and must be certified against specific processes and standards.

Despite the array of standards required, there are commonalities across them. Most industries expect compliance with best practices like the use of unit testing, measuring code coverage, running static analysis, peer review, traceability, and other more. And in a regulated market, you need the proper dashboards to understand project status and release readiness as well as documentation to demonstrate compliance to an auditor.

Highlights include: 

  • Common practices across most standards and their purpose.
  • How to use dashboards and reports to understand compliance status.
  • Essential factors in implementing a coding standard successfully.
  • The importance and usefulness of traceability.

About the Speaker

Arthur Hicken is the evangelist at Parasoft and has been involved in automating various practices for over 25 years. He has worked on various projects involving databases, the software development life cycle, legacy system integration, static code analysis, and cybersecurity, and holds 5 patents for software development. Recognized as an expert in his field, Arthur is a regular speaker at conferences, participates in security communities, and manages his Code Curmudgeon blog and the IoT Hall-of-Shame.

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Keynote: How Industry Leaders Are Delivering Safe & Secure Software 

Bruce Douglass Ph.D., Agile MBSE, Embedded Systems, Senior Principal Agile Systems Engineer, MITRE

Increasing complexity and connectivity are a reality of modern embedded systems and require more effort to test properly. Join us at the Software Embedded & Compliance Summit 2021 where keynote speaker Dr. Bruce Powel Douglass, embedded software methodologist, will discuss correctness and dependability in developing embedded software.

Highlights include: 

  • Syntactic verification, semantic verification, and validation 
  • Correctness and dependability (safety, reliability, security) 
  • Assessment of all important work products for correctness
  • Means for assessing correctness (inspection & testing)

About the Speaker

As a technology evangelist and high-tech embedded consultant, Bruce Douglass has engaged audiences at the Embedded Systems Conference for 18 years and is the author of several technology books. We'll be giving away a copy of "Real-Time Agility" at our summit event! His latest book, "Agile Model-Based Systems Engineering," was released earlier this year.

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SAAB Avionics Systems’ Journey to Code Safety, Security, & Quality

Roger Johnsson, Manager, Head of Software Engineering and SW PM&T Leader Avionics Systems, SAAB
As developer and manufacturer of advanced civil and military aircraft, Saab Avionics Systems is focused on safe, sustainable, and efficient aviation solutions. They offer unique capabilities in the safety and awareness domains, safety-critical avionic platform, and software solutions.

Listen to Roger Johnsson, software manager at Saab Avionics Systems, discuss how his team designed a compliant custom coding standard that ensures safety, security, and reliability for use across projects and teams. Saab Avionics Systems must satisfy the strictest compliance standards. And the embedded software testing solution they use must be certified by FAA or EASA and follow RTCA DO-178C for software development.

Highlights include: 
  • Avionics software compliance challenges.
  • Customizing a compliant coding standard.
  • Streamlining workflow to increase productivity.
  • Importance of RTCA DO-178C, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, & DO-330, Software Tool Qualification Considerations, to get a qualified tool for use.

About the Speaker 

Roger Johnsson is a manager at SAAB Avionics Systems and part of the steering group for the technology organization. He's responsible for processes, methods, and tools for software development in the business.

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How Does Your Unit Testing Stack Up?

Bill Schiller, Senior Principal Software Architect, Smiths Medical

Unit testing is essential to improve code quality and system safety. But it does bring its own challenges ranging from a steep learning curve to solutions that bring vendor lock-in to answering the how, when, and why of coverage metrics reporting. Finding tools and processes that fit into your current development ecosystem is critical to success.

Bill Schiller, senior principal software architect at Smiths Medical, will share his team's evaluation process for finding the right unit testing tool and how to get the most value right from the start. Bill’s real world experience at Smiths Medical brings lessons on adopting a unit testing solution successfully, while delivering safe, high-quality medical devices.

As Bill shares best practices for selecting, adopting, and deploying a unit test automation solution, he'll highlight:

  • Strategies to adopt test-driven development (TDD).
  • The benefits and ROI found in TDD.
  • Leveraging valuable code coverage metrics and reporting.

About the Speaker

Bill Schiller, senior principal software architect, specializes in applying best practices in design and automated testing for embedded systems applications. He has worked in software development for over 20 years on products in both the industrial and medical device space. In his current role as lead software architect at Smiths Medical, Bill has broad responsibilities across the software group defining software architecture and supporting ongoing development for the company. He has deep experience with both embedded Linux and Test Driven Development. Bill’s strengths and passions lie in driving automated build and testing systems to reduce the overall cost of software ownership.

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Tips & Tricks to Boost Performance in Modern Development Workflows

Felipe Torrezan, Field Applications Engineer , IAR Systems AB

How can your development team accelerate its CI/CD pipeline for delivery of continuous compliance and quality? Developers can configure fast and scalable CI/CD pipelines on Linux servers and automate the testing process with IAR Build Tools for Linux combined with Parasoft C/C++test. With this powerful integration, teams can implement real-time embedded code while verifying and validating safety and security needs to achieve compliance with process standards.

Join Felipe Torrezan, field application engineer and dev tools expert from IAR Systems AB with 15+ years of experience in the electronics industry. He'll share effective tips learned from customers, partners, and his own experience with modern development workflows using Linux development platforms, scripting automation, Git-based solutions, and dockerized toolchains in CI/CD pipelines.

Highlights include: 

  • The bottlenecks of build processes.
  • Make or Ninja. Are there other options?
  • Build servers and build farms with flexible and high-performance tools.
  • Containerized tools in the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Compliance standards in modern workflows.

About the Speaker  

Felipe Torrezan is a field applications engineer at IAR Systems AB since 2019. Before joining IAR Systems, he worked as an applications engineer at Renesas. He has over 15 years of experience in a variety of roles in the electronics industry. Currently, Felipe provides technical guidance in several areas such as C/C++ compilers, code analysis as well as building and debugging techniques for embedded applications.

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Balancing Speed & Agility With Safety & Security in ADAS Development

Jason Stinson, Chief Technology Officer, Renovo Auto

Automobiles will be part of modern society for a long time, and consumers will continue to look to trusted companies for their cars. Right now, the automotive industry is going through a massive transformation from "metal bashers" to hi-tech software companies. Early movers embracing advanced software, data, and edge computing, like Tesla, are beating their traditional rivals.

To accommodate this transition, internal software development must be more nimble, iterative, and significantly different from traditional development cycles in the automotive industry. New development cycles and processes must balance speed and agility with safety and security. Industry newcomers have demonstrated that consumers are embracing new methods of software delivery, development, and validation.

In this session, Jason Stinson, chief technology officer at Renovo, will lead a discussion that covers:

  • The unprecedented challenge facing traditional automakers to transform their own internal software development and validation practices.
  • Outlining a path forward for automakers to quickly adjust and compete on a global scale with their advanced competitors.

About the Speaker

Jason Stinson is co-founder and CTO of Renovo, a Silicon Valley automotive software company focused on solutions that merge software, data management, and automotive-grade safety systems into a unified solution for ADAS & AV fleets. Jason brings over 25 years of experience in designing, validation, and manufacturing of complex electrical systems. As an 18 year veteran of Intel Corporation, Jason was responsible for the technical leadership of 350-500 person microprocessor design teams and contributed to over ten major product launches including products in the Pentium, Celeron, Itanium, and Xeon processor lines.

Mr. Stinson is a lecturer at Stanford University in the Electrical Engineering Department, the same department where he earned his degree and masters. An avid motorsport fan, Jason has also participated as a trackside engineer for the inaugural season of Formula E. In his spare time, Jason enjoys spending time with his family, playing soccer, working on vintage vehicles, and fishing. He lives with his family in Palo Alto, CA.

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