Implement Service Virtualization for Financial Services

Financial services are very dynamic, involving multiple channels and a broad span of technologies, both old and new, that must work together under very prescriptive regulations. To deliver high quality applications to the lines of business, QA teams need to test early and often, while managing a complex array of dependencies and integrations, both of data and interfaces.

Being proactive and thorough with testing your financial services applications may require running API tests against services that are inaccessible or unstable in the testing environment. Whether you have to simulate behavior and data for TIBCO services, FIX messages, asynchronous message queues, or ISO8583 credit card payments, you need to reduce costs associated with long waiting times caused by environment delays and data dependencies or with third-party pay-per-use sandboxes.

Watch this webinar to learn how Parasoft Virtualize with the Continuous Testing Platform can ease API testing by provisioning test environments and data. With instantaneous deployment of predefined combinations of live and virtual endpoints, you gain full control of each behavior involved in testing end-to-end scenarios. The Virtualize tool includes an intuitive set of extensions to address many API needs, all within a user-friendly interface.

This webinar describes real-world examples where Parasoft Virtualize has emulated common financial services, in a matter of days or weeks for implementation, rather than months. These scenarios include:
  • Virtualizing asynchronous message queues for everyday banking
  • Testing a card provider back-end over ISO 8583 protocol for POS transactions
  • Simulating FIX messages for capital markets applications
  • Virtualizing TIBCO services

About Parasoft

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