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Achieving Functional Safety in the Automotive Industry

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Some modern automobiles have more lines of code than a jet fighter. Even moderately sophisticated cars ship with larger and more complex codebases than the same line from just a few years ago. All of the innovation taking place in the automotive industry raises concerns over the safety, security, and reliability of automotive electronic systems. 

While not all automotive software is critical to the safe operation of the vehicle, code that carries out functional safety operations must be safe, secure, and reliable. Organizations must implement strong software quality process controls around the development of safety-critical software in accordance with ISO 26262, which is a functional safety standard for automotive software. 

This paper first provides background information on ISO 26262 and its goals. It then discusses some of the policy-related issues associated with developing embedded software that complies with ISO 26262. Finally it describes how Parasoft can help automotive software development organizations achieve compliance with ISO 26262.

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