Make Your C/C++ Applications Safe and Secure With MISRA and CERT

Organizations now understand that the software applications in devices they build must be safe, reliable and secure—meaning free from accidental harm to people, property and the environment. Safe also means not just the prevention of harm but also sensing the occurrence of an unsafe event and responding properly.

In today’s world of cyber attacks, organizations also understand that their software applications and devices need to function appropriately, even in the event of an attack. The MISRA and CERT coding standards provide guidelines for developers that can lead to identifying defects, security flaws and vulnerabilities.

Organizations also understand that the best solution to addressing unsafe, insecure and unreliable code is to write code compliant with known best practices, such as the MISRA and/or CERT guidelines. These two standards have some excellent coding rules and recommendations. However, every embedded project is different. It’s sometimes difficult to determine how best to adopt and deploy these solutions. Should teams rely on one standard, both or a combination of the two? This question is addressed in this webinar.

Key takeaways:

  • What do safety and security mean for software applications in embedded devices?
  • How do MISRA and CERT overlap and what are the differences between the two?
  • How to adopt and deploy MISRA and CERT into your organization?

About Parasoft

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