Virtualize in CTP-1

Create and access complete test environments for continuous testing, anytime, anywhere. 

Streamline your migration to Microsoft Azure. The combination of Microsoft Azure and Parasoft service virtualization—operating natively within the Microsoft environment—enables organizations to rapidly deploy a complete test environment on demand. These resources will help you get started. 

Parasoft Virtualize + Microsoft Azure:


  • Ensure your migration to cloud has low risk 
  • Rapidly prototype functionality to accelerate feedback cycles and reduce time-to-market 
  • Accelerate parallel development of highly interconnected components, increasing speed of delivery 
  • Enable agile / DevOps in a highly distributed environment 


  • Reduce testing costs and time 
  • Decrease complexity in development and test environments 
  • Generate test data to validate the environment without compromising data security 
  • Run earlier, more comprehensive performance testing by eliminating database dependencies 

Enable earlier stage testing by simulating dependencies in local environments Parasoft Virtualize simulates services that are out of your control or unavailable so you can test earlier and more completely. Instantly provision “disposable” test environments to identify and remediate test environment issues before they compromise the accuracy of test results 

Parasoft Virtualize Success Stories

KPN can now test earlier, faster, and more completely — accelerating time to market while reducing application risks.” — KPN (Case Study)

Parasoft helped us identify and manage service change 2-6 weeks earlier.” — CareFirst

They consolidated a solution that containerized services and made 60% of the complex mortgage ecosystem testable.” — ING Mortgages Netherlands (Blog and Success Story)

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