Whitepaper: On-Demand Test Environments for Development & QA

Providing fast access to test environments with proper configurations is becoming increasingly difficult. Service virtualization is the missing piece to the puzzle.

Gain the precise test environments your software team needs with disposable test environments.


Download the whitepaper to learn how to create disposable test environments that don’t create negative impacts or unnecessary costs.

Here’s what you’ll learn about:

  • Accelerating and simplifying the process of creating the diverse and complex environments required for thorough testing.
  • Reducing costs while gaining faster, more flexible access to the exact behavior that the team needs to test against.
  • Provisioning test environments with all necessary permutations of dependent application behaviors.

Providing access quickly to the necessary test environments with proper conversations is increasingly challenging.

Here’s why:

  • In testing transactions across today’s composite applications, it’s almost impossible to avoid interaction with dependent applications that are evolving, unavailable or difficult to access for testing.
  • Organizations leveraging more iterative or agile development methods have multiple projects evolving dependent systems with different timelines. Rapidly evolving systems create significant complexity for staged test environments.
  • Server virtualization can alleviate some of these dependencies, but significant time and costs are still required to acquire, set up, manage and constantly reconfigure them for various testing needs.
  • Some dependent applications, such as third-party applications and mainframes, are not feasible to virtualize or stage. They can only be accessed during tightly controlled time frames with little freedom to configure them for the necessary testing needs.
  • Test plans commonly require that tests be exercised against several different scenarios (expected responses, unexpected responses, delays, etc.). Accurately assessing the application under test's (AUT's) functionality typically requires testing against myriad permutations of dependent component behaviors.

It promotes the creation of disposable test environments: environments without any impact or cost to the organization or other teams vying for their own test environments.

Service virtualization steps in where traditional server/hardware virtualization leaves off.

When server virtualization is not feasible, service virtualization enables you to emulate the behavior of dependent applications. Unlike stubs or mocks, virtual assets are simple to create (without code), represent a broad range of realistic behavior and are easy to update as the dependent applications evolve.

Parasoft Virtualize, for example, enables organizations to give development, QA and performance test engineers easy access to the very specific combinations and configurations of virtual assets that they need for different test environments.

Parasoft Virtualize provides service virtualization in the Parasoft tool suite. It was designed to help development and QA teams create and access any environment needed to develop or test an application.

Through the Parasoft Continuous Testing Platform, developers and testers can rapidly stand up the specific configurations and combinations of virtual assets that they want to apply in any given test environment.

Features and functionality

Virtual assets remove constraints associated with dependent applications.
  • For easy recording and virtualization of dependent application behavior, Parasoft Virtualize captures live dependent application traffic connected to the application under test.
  • Working in an environment where constrained components are replaced with virtual assets, developers and testers gain the freedom to perform their expected tasks whenever they want, as extensively as they want.
  • Virtual assets are available 24/7 for unit, functional, performance, and security testing—automated or manual.
Virtual assets are extremely flexible and easy to configure for different testing needs.
  • A staged testing environment often lacks access to the breadth of dependent applications associated with an AUT.
  • With Parasoft Virtualize, the simple user interface allows you to easily configure virtual assets to reproduce the specific conditions critical for completing dev/test tasks. For example, you can configure various error, failure, and performance conditions that are difficult to reproduce or rapidly configure with real systems.
Virtual assets are easily configured, provisioned, and adjusted in the context of a complete test environment.
  • Controlling the behavior of a single virtual asset is an important step in giving developers and testers the freedom to access the exact dependent application behavior that they need to test against. Taking this to the next level, Parasoft allows developers and testers to instantly define and provision test environments with all necessary permutations of dependent application behaviors.
  • A complete test environment, including virtual assets, can be instantly provisioned to meet a very specific need— then be quickly replaced with other environment configurations needed for thorough testing.

Then, it rapidly reconfigures that environment with a different set of real, virtual, and test artifacts to meet your different test needs. In this sense, the test environments are essentially disposable — they are as simple to create and replace as sketches on a whiteboard.

When each team can easily create their own "disposable" test environments tailored for their own needs, the potential for such conflicts is eliminated.

About Parasoft

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