Accelerate Migration to Microsoft Azure With Parasoft

When you want to migrate to the cloud, Microsoft makes it easy with the Azure DevOps stack. Make sure your migration is successful with automated testing.

Developers and testers take the time to create multi-tiered applications that involve many considerations. Microsoft Azure DevOps provides an environment for application development in the cloud, while Parasoft Virtualize enables the simulation of virtual services to ease deployment into the cloud. This helps to accelerate your cloud migration.

Once your application is in the cloud, you need to migrate your testing activities and data to the cloud as well. To help you with the process, Parasoft provides UI-driven scriptless API testing that can be executed from the Azure DevOps stack. Parasoft also includes options to "deploy virtual services", "execute", and "parse test results" tasks to Azure DevOps. This simplifies the process of deploying your apps into the Azure environment for development and testing.

Address your cloud testing challenges with Parasoft.

Virtual Test Environments
  • Reduce the risk of cloud migration and test anytime, anywhere, and every way
  • Use plugins in Azure DevOps Marketplace for dynamic test environments
  • 30-day free trial + on-demand pricing in Azure Marketplace
API Testing Subscription
  • Get started with API testing and service virtualization
  • Seamlessly integrate into CI/CD and Azure test environments
  • Access subscription  for free 6-month desktop license + 25% discount
Load and Performance Testing
  • Perform scalable and shift-left testing with API + Selenium-driven UI tests
  • Reuse functional tests for non-functional business requirements
  • Execute performance testing leveraging Azure-hosted agents
Secure .NET Code Development
  • Build security into your C, C++, C#, and VB.NET codebases with free VS Code extensions
  • Industry-leading coverage for OWASP Top 10 + CWE Top 25 + ‘on the cusp’
  • AI-enhanced static application security testing reduces cost of implementing security

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