Revolutionize Your API Testing Practice (or bring it in for the first time) by Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Leverage artificial intelligence via Parasoft SOAtest’s Smart API Test Generator to bring in a manageable, maintainable, and scalable API testing strategy.

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Take the complexity out of API testing with artificial intelligence and test automation. 

Having trouble with API testing? Parasoft SOAtest’s Smart API Test Generator was built from the ground up to make it easier to adopt. The Smart API Test Generator captures traffic during UI tests and feeds it to an artificial intelligence engine, to translate manual testing activities into meaningful, automated API testing scenarios. In this paper, we look at how to effectively use APIs in development, the benefits of testing at the API layer, and how to leverage artificial intelligence to bring in a manageable, maintainable, and scalable API testing strategy. 

About Parasoft

Parasoft’s software testing solutions support the entire software development process, from when the developer writes the first line of code all the way through unit and functional testing, to performance and security testing, leveraging simulated test environments along the way. Parasoft's unique analytics platform aggregates data from across all testing practices, providing insights up and down the testing pyramid to enable organizations to succeed in today's most strategic development initiatives, including Agile/DevOps, Continuous Testing, and the complexities of IoT. Parasoft’s automated software testing innovations fuel software development organizations, helping teams reduce the time, cost, and effort of delivering high-quality software to the market.