Service Virtualization Gartner

With software fast-becoming the primary interface to the business, your competitive advantage depends upon your ability to increase the speed and quality of innovative software releases. However, when organizations launch SDLC acceleration initiatives, it soon becomes apparent that software testing presents a formidable bottleneck.

Service virtualization removes testing constraints so you can eliminate this potential roadblock. Through simulated test environments that promote earlier, faster, and more complete testing, this new technology helps organizations bring higher quality functionality to the market faster and at a lower cost.

Read the service virtualization portfolio featuring Gartner research to learn:

  • Why service virtualization is a "must-have" for accelerating the SDLC.
  • How Parasoft's service virtualization helped Comcast release thoroughly-tested software faster—and at a lower total overall cost.
  • Recommendations for organizations getting started with service virtualization.
  • Strategies for streamlining the release management process beyond service virtualization.


"Service virtualization has allowed us to get great utilization from our testing staff, complete more projects on time, and also save money by lowering the overall total cost."

 — Frank Jennings, TQM Performance Test Director at Comcast


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