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Simplify Automated Linux Builds & Testing for Safety-Critical Applications

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With the growing size of embedded codebases, development teams look for ways to modernize their workflows, improve their productivity, and reduce the cost of achieving compliance with various safety and security standards.

Linux development platforms, automation, Git-based workflows with a dynamic approach to branching, dockerized toolchains, and CI/CD are becoming critical components that teams incorporate into their environments. Developers expect build tools and software testing technologies to seamlessly blend into this picture.

Leading vendors in their domains, Parasoft and IAR Systems, teamed up to introduce a collection of product enhancements to enable integration in modern development workflows.

Join our webinar to see how the new IAR Systems' build tools for Linux for Arm and Parasoft C/C++test work together to simplify modern development workflows. You'll learn:

  • Strategies to deploy IAR Systems compilers with Parasoft static analysis in Docker containers.
  • The value of an automated CI/CD pipeline with a best-in-class compiler and static analyzer.
  • How containerized tools fit into the CI/CD pipeline.
  • How to minimize overhead on compliance reporting for safety and security coding standards.

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