Whitepaper: Testing EDI Messages During Functional and Load Testing

Help your QA team ensure secure, reliable, compliant business applications with an intuitive interface for creating, maintaining and executing end-to-end testing scenarios.

Learn how to test EDI messages with Parasoft SOAtest.

Parasoft SOAtest Automated End to End Testing

Download the whitepaper to learn how to leverage a rich UI when configuring, sending and validating industry-specific messages during functional and load testing.

Here’s what you’ll learn about:
  • The difficulties of industry-standard message formats
  • Parasoft SOAtest: a testing and analysis tool suite for testing and validating APIs and API-driven applications
  • Constructing a broad set of test messages
  • Automatically checking that the responses meet expectations
  • Using data sets to rapidly increase the scope of your testing
  • Escaping the intricacies of the native format
  • Message formats that are supported by Parasoft
  • How to test EDI messages with Parasoft SOAtest

Although such formats have proven to be extremely efficient for electronic data exchange, they are typically difficult for humans to understand, manipulate and validate.

When testing end-to-end transactions that leverage such message formats, sending a single inbound transaction and validating the result can be both difficult and error prone. The challenge is exacerbated when QA teams have the need to exercise the broad range and volume of test cases that are required to accurately determine whether the system is properly processing such transactions. This level of validation involves complex test suites that leverage large data sets and perform multi-layer validation on the outbound transactions.

Parasoft SOAtest is designed to ensure that organizations leveraging any of these industry standard message formats can take full advantage of a rich graphical interface when they’re configuring, sending and validating the messages that truly drive their business. By insulating the QA tester from the intricacy of the native format, it significantly simplifies the process of validating whether transactions satisfy functional and performance expectations. Not to mention, by automating the complete message sending and validation process, it also enables continuous automated regression testing. This ensures that the team is immediately alerted if modifications unintentionally impact the previously validated application behavior.

Parasoft SOAtest helps QA teams ensure secure, reliable, compliant business applications with an intuitive interface to create, maintain and execute end-to-end testing scenarios. It was built from the ground up to reduce the complexities inherent in complex, distributed applications. Since 2002, Parasoft customers such as HP, IBM, Fidelity, Lockheed Martin and the IRS have relied on SOAtest for:

  • Ensuring the reliability, security and compliance of composite, SOA, cloud and web applications
  • Reducing the time and effort required to construct and maintain automated tests
  • Automatically and continuously validating complex business scenarios
  • Validating performance and functionality expectations under load
  • Rapidly diagnosing problems directly from the test environment proprietary APIs. This allows you to customize SOAtest tools according to your group’s specific needs.

Parasoft SOAtest enables organizations to rapidly configure, send and validate virtually any text format message via an intuitive, form-based interface. With SOAtest support for a broad scope of native formats, organizations can take advantage of Parasoft SOAtest’s wide variety of tools for performing sophisticated construction or validation of messages.

EDI (with optional license)

Parasoft SOAtest offers total support for a wide array of EDI message formats that are used in a variety of sectors, including retail, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, government, and more. Dialect, version and message type are detected automatically when an existing message is pasted in for testing purposes. The following EDI message formats are supported:

  • AL3 (ACORD AL3)
  • CARGO (IATA Cargo-IMP)
  • EDIGAS (Edig@s)
  • HL7 (2.x/3/FHIR®)
  • TELCO (NCPDP Telecommunication)
  • X12
Fixed length

Parasoft SOAtest provides flexible fixed-length message format support. Since many different fixed-length formats exist and there is no single standard, SOAtest is easily configured to recognize any fixed-length message format that the organization works with. This enables you to take full advantage of the rich SOAtest =interface for message configuration, sending and validation when you’re working with very specialized message types.

Delimited (CSV)

The Parasoft SOAtest UI is preconfigured to facilitate the rapid configuration, sending and validation of CSV messages.


Parasoft provides a framework that allows you to extend the solution’s built-in transports and protocols to support any that you are working with. For example, DDS, plain socket or TCP/ IP-based messaging, file-based messaging or messaging based on proprietary APIs. This allows you to completely customize SOAtest tools according to your software group’s specific needs.

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