Software defects are like the headless vengeful spirit of yore terrifying customers and laying waste to all that cross its path. How do you rein in quality issues that affect the safety, security, and reliability of your applications? 


You can take the Brom Van Brunt approach and attempt to test quality into the application using brute force. But without applying process-based policies, it’s only a matter of time before faulty software rears its ugly . . . uh . . . neck? 

The Ichabod Crane-like alternative is a much more effective way to banish software defects forever. In this special Halloween webinar, we discuss how an automated application of software quality activities can help you survive releases as the Headless Horseman of software quality issues attempts to ride through your application.

We’ll also cover:
  • Examples of preventable defects that commonly degrade software quality
  • Automating static analysis to improve safety, security, and reliability of your applications
  • Combining static analysis with metrics, coverage, and data from other quality activities to demystify potential problems with your code 

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Parasoft provides innovative tools that automate time-consuming testing tasks and provide management with intelligent analytics necessary to focus on what matters. Parasoft’s technologies reduce the time, effort, and cost of delivering secure, reliable, and compliant software, by integrating static and runtime analysis; unit, functional, and API testing; and service virtualization. Parasoft supports software organizations as they develop and deploy applications in the embedded, enterprise, and IoT markets. With developer testing tools, manager reporting/analytics, and executive dashboarding, Parasoft enables organizations to succeed in today’s most strategic development initiatives — agile, continuous testing, DevOps, and security.