Whitepaper: The Solution to Your Test Data Management Headaches

Tired of waiting for test data? Here's the solution to your test data management headaches.

Discover how Parasoft TDM delivers secure storage and management of test data while allowing testers without in-depth domain knowledge to customize data sets for their needs.


Download the whitepaper to see how leaving behind the traditional approaches to TDM in favor of a modern, holistic solution makes life easy and efficient for your software team.

Here’s what you’ll learn about:
  • Flaws of the traditional approaches to test data collection
  • Key features of a truly effective TDM solution
  • Complete overview of the Parasoft test data solution (Parasoft SOAtest and Parasoft Virtualize)
  • The right process for TDM based on proven best practices
  • How to manipulate test data to ensure re-use, plus privacy and security
  • What your software team will gain from the Parasoft TDM solution

Test data management can be a major challenge. The process of procuring, owning and securing test data is a requirement and a liability at the same time.

  • Up to 60% of application development and testing time is devoted to data-related tasks.
  • In general, up to 20% of the average software development lifecycle is lost waiting for data. Many project overruns are due to inefficiencies in test data provisioning (Sogeti).

Running a production system, running a partial subset of a production databases and data synthesis are all possible TDM solutions, but each come with their own risks and obstacles. Testers shouldn’t have to wait for test data or face the burden of test data with embedded security and privacy issues. Your software team deserves a reliable, repeatable process for securely procuring an adequate amount of data.

Parasoft provides a modernized solution to solve complex software testing problems without the limitations of traditional approaches to TDM. Parasoft test data management combines traditional test data extraction with service virtualization in an easy-to-use web interface, making data simulation easy.

  • Users can build meaningful test data fast by capturing realistic test data from interactions between components in the existing system.
  • Building data models that can be shared and controlled directly by testing teams is simple.

Data can’t deliver value without an easy way to interpret and apply it. The Parasoft test data solution works in tandem with Parasoft SOAtest for functional test automation and Parasoft Virtualize for service virtualization.

  • Users can use the data generated in their tests and make it available through virtual interfaces.
  • The Parasoft self-service web portal allows multiple team members to access, manage, model and generate the right data for their unique needs.

Plus, the Parasoft test data management engine extends the power of service virtualization by allowing testers to generate, subset, mask and create individual customized test data for their needs.

  • Reduced time spent waiting for data: Testers can quickly create test data by capturing, masking, and repurposing realistic test data.
  • Lower complexity of data stewardship: There must be a maintainable way to procure an adequate amount of data while keeping that data safe.
  • More efficient access to test data: Instead of getting data from a centralized test data management system, testers must be able to access, manage, model, and generate just the right data for their needs. Self-service for each tester is essential.
  • Easy to understand test data: Traditionally captured live test data requires testers to have intimate knowledge of how the actual databases work (i.e. domain knowledge, database schema, and connection information). A better approach is to help infer what the actual data looks like from the traffic, reducing the learning curve required to take advantage of the test data.
  • Intuitive, visual ways to understand data sources: Data sources are usually represented as flat files, but it’s easier to understand in a hierarchical, visual way. Complex data relationships with parent-child relationships are more intuitive and easier to restructure when visualized. This allows software testers to reconfigure test data with hierarchical relationships much faster.

 Test data isn’t easy to procure and managing it comes with risks. That’s why software testers need a comprehensive solution for attaining data that’s based on secure, real data capture. The Parasoft test data management solution brings secure storage and easy management to the data testing process. Service virtualization extends the benefits by capturing data earlier in the development process. Not to mention, it’s easy for testers to tailor data sets to their specific needs, even if they don’t have domain knowledge. Reduce risk, lessen liability, and lower costs by simplifying test data management.

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